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eneloop pro AAA 930 mAh plastic free pack 2 pieces

Akumulatory eneloop pro to idealne rozwiązanie do zasilania urządzeń zużywających dużo energii, takich jak lampy błyskowe aparatów, bezprzewodowe klawiatury i myszy, kontrolery do gier, zabawki sterowane radiowo i różnorodne urządzenia AGD. Po zastosowaniu akumulatorów eneloop pro wszystkie te urządzenia mogą pracować znacznie dłużej.

Tech Specs
85% after 1 year

eneloop pro

For energy-hungry

eneloop pro batteries are the perfect choice for powering high current consuming devices.

Usable for

  • DSLR Flash

  • Radio Control Cars

  • Wireless Devices

  • Digital cameras

Smart & quick charger

  • Can charge 1 to 4 cells of AA/AAA batteries
  • Individual charging/Smart charge
  • Charging time: +/- 3h for 4 cells
  • Display show capacity, voltage, time & Wh
  • Extra features: refresh (discharge) mode and USB output


Low self discharge

After 1 year of storage, eneloop pro batteries keep 85% of their capacity.

Low temperature resistant

Even in low (min. -20°) temperatures eneloop can be used without a problem. Ideal for when you go skiing.

Eco benefit

Pre-charged with solar energy, can be used immediately after purchase.

High capacity

Can be charged up to 2500 times: good for the environment & your wallet.

eneloop pro AAA

Long lasting. Strong. Sustainable. Do you need durable rechargeable batteries? Panasonic eneloop pro AAA may be what you’re looking for. Our eneloop pro range is ideal for high-demanding devices, from cameras and gaming controllers to battery powered toys and other household devices. With up to 930 mAh capacity, they’re the perfect choice for devices that just need that extra punch of energy.

Long-lasting power

Panasonic eneloop batteries are a huge refreshment the environment, too. They’re pre-charged with solar energy, and are reusable up to 500 times. Using and reusing eneloop pro AAA instead of regular alkaline batteries means you’ll save up a fair amount of money - and you’ll prevent 500 regular batteries from ending up on landfill. Talk about saving precious resources! Thanks to their large capacity, they’re perfect for any high-drain device. During use, their steady flow of power stays high until the end of the charge. You’ll also be able to use them in more extreme temperatures without a significant drop in performance: so they’re perfect for photography sessions in cold weather, for example. Panasonic eneloop boasts a long storage life, too. Batteries will maintain up to 85% of their capacity after one year on the shelf.

eneloop pro AAA: a conscious choice

Picking rechargeable batteries is a conscious choice. Pre-charged with solar energy, they are ready to use right after purchase. Among the eneloop battery range are the eneloop pro AAA, AA, eneloop lite AAA and AA and the regular eneloop batteries. Interested? Discover our dealers here! 

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