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Panasonic partners up with Cirque du Soleil

Andres Vasquez, Head of Sound on Cirque du Soleil's TOTEM touring show, gives insight on the remarkable workflow efficiencies Panasonic batteries achieve in keeping TOTEM sound equipment running smoothly. Mr. Vasquez explains that eneloop AA cells are primarily used in the performer’s microphones and transmitter packs. Banks of the 8-cell BQ-CC63 Multi-Charger wait to swap the devices’ depleted cells for freshly charged ones after every show, the cycle continuing so equipment is always ready to go. Mr. Vasquez enthuses about “getting incredible life out of the batteries, which are still going strong eight months in.” Mr. Vasquez reflects on a bright future for the Panasonic partnership, envisioning ever-growing battery sustainability to meet Cirque du Soleil’s energy needs.

Want to know more? Check out Andres Vasquez’ testimonial video here:

As showbusiness professionals, we are always looking for reliable products. In the very competitive world of rechargeable portable power sources, eneloop is definitely of superior quality. It has been tested time and time again on our tour, and it’s a trustworthy product, no question there. Here, on Corteo, they are mostly used backstage where they provide power for our technicians' headlights and flashlights as well as in some merch display items with exceptional reliability.
- The Assistant Company Manager on Corteo