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BQ-CC61 plastic free charger pack

USB-in lader

Tech Specs
DC 5 V
Timer (10u)
LED x 2 aan het laden: AAN (groen) / Volledig opgeladen: UIT
AA x 2 of 4 / AAA x 2 of 4 batterijen
6,6 x 8,5 x 2,8 cm
65g (zonder USB-snoer)
How to use the BQ-CC61USB
Step 1
How to place the batteries?

Place batteries in the slots according to the polarity position (+/-) indicated on each slot.

WARNING: if an AAA battery is inserted from the (+) end first, the (-) terminal on the charger might be damaged.

Step 2
How to arrange the batteries?
  • Charge either two or four batteries simultaneously.
  • Batteries do not charge individually.
  • See possible combinations of inserted batteries.
Step 3
How to plug the charger?

Connect the USB cable to a USB terminal or a USB adapter for AC (not included).

Step 4
How the check the LED light status?

Check the LED light on the unit:

  • Blinking: checking the batteries' status.
  • Green light: charging

If LED light keeps blinking:

  • Check if the batteries are rechargeable and not damaged.
  • In any other case, please contact us.
Step 5
How long to charge the batteries?

1900 - 2000 mAh

950 - 1000 mAh

10.0 hour

5.0 hour

750 - 800 mAh

550 - 650 mAh

10.0 hour

8.0 hour

The battery is fully charged when the light turns off. For your own safety, this charger has an automatic cut off function when all batteries are completely charged.

Charging times shown in the table are only indicative and can vary depending on temperature and battery status.

The charging times shown in Table 1 are recommended for longer battery life.

Step 6
How to remove the batteries?

First, unplug the charger from the AC outlet and then remove the batteries.

TIP: best way to store your batteries.

BQ-CC61 : Smart USB-in Charger

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