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Battery guide: which battery type to pick

Everyone uses batteries: whether you’re a frequent gamer or an adventurous hiker who needs durable batteries for your satellite phone or a professional photographer with several flashguns. Even the most plain and daily of your activities require battery power: think about a good old DECT phone.
 Using rechargeable batteries for those common appliances is a wise choice. Not only are they better for the environment, they’ll also save you a significant amount of money in the long run. But what about battery types? Do all those circumstances require the same type of battery? And if not, which battery type should you pick?

Regular eneloop batteries

If you’re not sure which battery type to use, the regular eneloop battery is your way to go. Every eneloop battery comes pre-charged with solar energy, so you can use it immediately after purchase. The AA battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh, whereas the smaller AAA type still allows for 800 mAh, making both ideal for your everyday appliances. Think video game controllers, flash lights, compact cameras and more. Those are the appliances you use on a regular basis, so you’ll often have to recharge your batteries. That’s where the eneloop batteries come in handy: you’ll be able to recharge them up to 2100 times! Even if you don’t use your rechargeable batteries, you’ll be able to store them for a long time without losing too much capacity.

eneloop lite batteries

eneloop battery type

For medium to low power devices, like your basic TV remote control and DECT phones, the eneloop lite battery is what you’re looking for. Though this battery type has a smaller capacity of up to 950 mAh, you’ll be able to recharge it up to 3000 times. That’s a big plus for both environment, and of course: your wallet. The eneloop battery range ensures you pick the right type for your power needs. Because, with different appliances and circumstances, comes a specific battery type.

More power with eneloop pro

However, sometimes you’re in need of something more powerful. If you use professional flashguns, wireless keyboards and more energy-demanding household appliances, you’re definitely better off with eneloop pro. This battery type has a significantly larger capacity: 2500 mAh for AAs and 930 mAh for the smaller AAAs. For your high drain devices, the eneloop pro battery ensures a consistent power flow. That way, you’ll surely be using the right battery for your high-drain appliances.