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What are eneloop batteries?

Rechargeable, environmentally friendly, economically beneficial, ready for use and a large capacity: this is, in short, the description of the eneloop battery. With such an ecological battery, you are firmly choosing an environmentally friendly future for our planet. Below we explain what makes the eneloop battery so special.

Sustainable batteries

Purchasing rechargeable batteries already means than you are choosing a sustainable lifestyle. But using the eneloop battery means you are also choosing a new lifestyle. The rechargeable batteries have been developed on the basis of the sustainability principle. The eneloop battery is preloaded with solar energy and is therefore also immediately ready for use. The eneloop battery from Panasonic puts the emphasis on caring for the society and provides a choice for more clean energy in our society.

ecological battery

Economic benefit

Although an eneloop battery will cost you a little more at the outset, you only need to recharge the battery a few times to earn that back. Yet another reason to purchase an eneloop battery. 

eneloop batteries: environmentally friendly

Because the eneloop batteries are preloaded and offer renewable energy, they allow you to reduce the size of the waste mountain. The batteries can be loaded up to 2100 times which makes them very advantageous to the environment.

The eneloop batteries contain technology that means that even up to ten years in storage, they can retain 70% of their charge. They are also ready for use when you purchase them.

Large capacity

Nothing is more annoying than an appliance that turns off when the battery is nearly empty. For lots of applications eneloop is the ideal solution because of its stable voltage. The rechargeable eneloop batteries start with a lower voltage (1.2V) opposed to the alkaline batteries (1.5V), but they have a stable voltage while the non-rechargeable battery loses permanent of its voltage.

Suitable for low temperatures

Taking photos in low temperatures can often be a difficult task. Most batteries are not suitable for use at temperatures of around 0°C. However, the eneloop batteries perform very well at low temperatures. You can even use them in places where the temperature drops to -20°C. You can find the full overview of the eneloop batteries here. Depending on usage, you can choose the eneloop lite, eneloop pro or eneloop batteries.