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Cooperation between eneloop and Under The Pole

A better understanding of the oceans is one of the challenges Under The Pole will undertake with a third expedition. eneloop is happy to announce a cooperation with the organisation. The next Under The Pole expedition will take place from 2017 to 2020 in order to explore what's happening in our oceans.

Because eneloop cares about the environment, it was obvious to choose for a collaboration with Under The Pole. During this three year revolutionary adventure a team of divers and scientists will travel around the world via the Pacific and Atlantic oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Because 90% of our oceans are still unexplored, Under The Pole, tries to push the boundaries of exploration.

eneloop cooperation under the pole

With an underwater 'tent' as basecamp divers can eat and rest during their dive of up to 72 hours, their main goal is to observe rare animals and ocean life scenes. From 2017 to 2020 100 crew members will sail around the world with the WHY polar ship to make 500 dives to explore the ecosystems of the Twilight Zone at all latitudes. The expeditions are internationally recognized  for their expertise in polar diving.

eneloop will provide technical support and will equip Under The Pole in rechargeable eneloop batteries, eneloop chargers and alkaline batteries. In this way Panasonic will help and cooperate in an expedition confronted to the worst climatic conditions around the world. Our batteries are therefore the best for this participation: eco-friendly, pre-charged, recyclable and energy and money saving.