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The best batteries for toys

Game consoles, remote controls for cars, a toy piano, a speaking doll: these are all devices that need batteries. Toys can use up quite a lot of energy, so you will do better by choosing the right (rechargeable) batteries. Which types are best used in which toys? You can read about it here.

Battery operated toys

Alongside the normal toys, there is also a wide range of toys that run on batteries. Just think of a piano, an LED Lava lamp, a piggy bank with counting mechanism, a moving puppy, a K3 microphone, a Disney® Frozen radio & CD player, … Al those toys require batteries and the eneloop batteries are the most suitable. They are ideal for toys. In addition, they last longer than an alkaline battery. When purchased in the shop, they are even charged with solar energy, so they can be used immediately at home. 

Toys with remote controls

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Then there are those cars with remote control that are very popular with children. That type of toy really devours batteries. That is why you have to choose the right type of batteries. The eneloop pro rechargeable batteries are much more powerful than the eneloop and the eneloop lite batteries. Remote controls for cars, planes or trains use a lot of energy and that is why the rechargeable pro version is ideal. They can be recharged up to 500 times and are fully charged at the time of purchase. The most significant characteristic of the eneloop battery is its slow discharge. They also charge up again extra quickly - depending on the charger - so the little ones don’t have to wait too long to carry on playing. All eneloop batteries can simply be recharged with the various eneloop chargers.

Game consoles

Xbox, Wii and pc controllers: even the consoles run on batteries. Toys such as the PlayStation game controllers run on their own battery, but many other consoles require you to provide batteries. Because they require more energy than normal toys, it is best to use slightly more powerful batteries. And that is why there are eneloop batteries that contain the newest technology as well as a sleek design. The cost of these batteries may be higher, but in the long term you will make substantial savings: you can recharge them up to 2100 times and they discharge much more slowly too, which means they have a stable voltage for a long time.

Xbox batteries

Thanks to this overview, you will know in future which types of batteries you should choose. You are better off if you provide your toys with the right type of battery from the start.