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Battery care

How can you get the most out of your eneloop batteries? You need to know how to charge them, use them and store them correctly.

Electric shavers, cameras, cordless phones, remote controls, wireless keyboards, clocks, torches and toys. If you want to use any of these devices you’ll need one or more batteries. Batteries: they’re everywhere, they come in various different sizes and they’re an essential part of daily life. Since we use so many of them, we want them to be as cheap as possible and it’s because of this that the future lies in rechargeable batteries. eneloop happens to be the largest specialist in rechargeable batteries. Although purchasing your rechargeable batteries is the first step towards saving money, maintaining your batteries is just as important as using them. That is why we have outlined our ultimate battery care tips below.

How to use batteries?

Before using a battery, clean the contact plates with a dry rag or an eraser. It’s also important to correctly insert the batteries into your device. Devices will sometimes work even if one of the batteries is incorrectly inserted – although this can lead to battery leakage - so check if the pluses (+) and minuses (-) are pointing in the right direction before using your device.

Devices like electric shavers, toys, cordless phones or digital cameras usually let you know when their batteries are almost empty and they sometimes even switch off when the voltage is too low. An important feature of eneloop batteries is their higher voltage, which means the voltage can remain above 1.1 V for an extended period of time. All the more reason to use eneloop batteries in your digital camera so you can take as many pictures as you like.

Few people are aware that you shouldn’t use different types of batteries in the same device. Avoid mixing rechargeable and non-rechargeable alkaline batteries in a single device. Instead opt for only rechargeable batteries or only alkaline batteries. Last year alone, more than 40 billion non-rechargeable batteries were disposed of worldwide. Using rechargeable batteries is clearly the most environmentally-friendly option. By choosing eneloop batteries you further reduce your environmental footprint since eneloop can be recharged up to 2,100 times.eneloop Pro battery care

Can you keep batteries in the fridge?

Store the batteries in their original packaging until you need to use them and keep them away from metal objects.

Haven’t used your device in a while? Remove the batteries and put them in a dry and cool area of your home.

Batteries leak when they are exposed to extremely temperatures. A leaking battery can no longer be used and should be placed in an enclosed box or a plastic bag.

Batteries must always be kept in a clean and dry environment. Extremely hot or extremely cold environments can reduce the lifespan of your batteries so don’t store them in the kitchen, bathroom or in a room with a washing machine. Keeping them cold is important but storing batteries in the fridge is a bad idea. It’s best to store batteries at room temperature before inserting them into your device. eneloop batteries are an exception to this rule since they still perform well at freezing point and can even be used at -20°C.

Battery Care

How do you charge batteries?

Since rechargeable batteries have a longer lifespan than regular alkaline batteries, they require suitable maintenance. The first step in maintaining your rechargeable battery is charging. You should always charge your batteries straight after they have discharged using specified charger. Try not to leave them discharged for too long.

eneloop batteries outperform other rechargeable batteries since they can be recharged up to 2,100 times. In other words, that’s the equivalent of 2,100 disposable batteries. A one-off investment in an eneloop battery pays for itself after a few charges and it’s also good for the environment.

Unlike other rechargeable batteries, eneloop batteries don’t need to be charged after purchase because they are pre-charged with solar energy and are immediately ready to use. Batteries that are not delivered in a ready-to-use state lose their charge over time, whereas eneloop batteries retain 70% of their charge for up to 10 years in storage.

When your battery is empty, Charger it until the green light is no longer visible.

Although the biggest savings are made by choosing the right batteries; charging, using and battery care is also very important. Think carefully about the types of batteries you use in your devices. Choose rechargeable batteries and charge them properly with the specified charger.

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