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€21 000 to nature reserve thanks to Team Yellow

After trekking 2 100 km through Europe, sleeping for 119 nights under open skies, making 12 'City Stops' and completing 17 challenges and duels, Team Yellow returns home as winner with a cheque of €21 000 for their ecological charity, Čepkeliai-Dzūkija PAN park.

Romas Usavicius and Simona Vidunaite from Lithuania were the ones who reached the finish line in Milan with the highest score. Kasper and Anders from Denmark (Team Purple) received €2 100 for their environmentally friendly organisation Sorex and Michał and Paweł from Poland (Team Red) also went home with €2 100 for their charity Amnesty International.

120 days

The eneloop expedition started on June 23 in Poland, Denmark and United Kingdom for 120 days. After 4 months the journey ended. The 3 teams were given eneloop batteries to trade, received camping meals, a tent, hiking kit, a smartphone and a drone from sponsors. Points could be earned by generating green energy during the 4 'City Stops'. Weekly they had to do different ecological challenges and duels. They could call on others for extra power and skills to complete all the challenges. The number of likes and the engagement of fans on social media made Team Yellow win.

Why eneloop expedition 2100?

Battery manufacturer Panasonic Energy Europe launched the eneloop expedition 2100 for their environmentally friendly eneloop batteries. The batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and can be recharged up to 2 100 times. They are ideal for hikers due to the temperature resistance of the batteries.

Columbia Sportswear, Nordisk, Xiro, Fairphone, T-Mobile Austria, Sparkle, Adventure Food, Husky and Panasonic were the sponsors of this European trek.