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BQ-CC87 USB plastic free charger pack

Rapid USB charger

Tech Specs
DC 1,5V AA 500mA x4 / AAA 250mA x4 | USB-out: DC 5V 1A
Smart Charge / -ΔV / Timer
3 LED Colors Indicate Charge Progress, Battery Status, and Battery Life
AA x 1, 2, 3, 4 cells / AAA x 1, 2, 3, 4 cells
6,6 x 8,5 x 2,9
65 g
How to use the BQ-CC87USB
Step 1
How to place the batteries?
placing eneloop batteries
  • Place batteries in the slots according to the polarity position (+/-) indicated on each slot.
  • WARNING: if a AAA battery is inserted from the (+) end first, the (-) terminal on the charger might be damaged.
Step 2
How to arrange the batteries?
  • Each battery charges individually.
  • You can charge any combination of one to four AA/AAA batteries.
Step 3
How to plug the charger?
  • Connect the USB cable to a USB terminal or a USB adapter for AC (not included).
Step 4
How the check the LED light status?

Check the LED light on the unit:

  • Blinking: checking the batteries' status.
  • After a three-second battery status check, charging will start.
  • The charging status can be determined by the colour of the light.
  • Green light: charging

If the LED light keeps blinking:

  • Blinking red: invalid batteries (i.e., non-rechargeable batteries, or rechargeable batteries that are no longer working).
  • Blinking yellow: time to replace your rechargeable battery.
  • In any other case, contact us.
Step 5
How long to charge the batteries?

2400 - 2550 mAh

1900 - 2000 mAh

950 - 1000mAh

3.0 hour

2.25 hour

1.25 hour

6.0 hour

4.5 hour

2.5 hour

900 - 950 mAh

750 - 800 mAh

550 - 650mAh

2.25 hour

2 hour

1.5 hour

4.5 hour

4.0 hour

3.0 hour

  • The battery is fully charged when the green light turns off. For your own safety, this charger has an automatic cut off function when all batteries are completely charged.
  • Charging times shown in the table are only indicative and can vary depending on temperature and battery status.
Step 6
How to remove the batteries?

Mobile Charging Function CC87

Safety Functions CC87

Sensing Functions CC87

Concept CC87

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