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Happy Shooting & eneloop

Since 2009 we have been organising the Klostergeister photography workshop at the old convent in Inzigkofen. This is a sleepy location tucked away in the green countryside of the nature reserve of Oberes Donautal. The local adult education centre not only offers catering and beautiful accommodation at the convent, its ambience also makes it uniquely suited for spending five days with photography, intensively and completely undisturbed. And that's exactly what we do there once a year with about 30 people who are just as crazy as we are.

Klostergeister means escaping everyday life for a week without friction and devoting oneself exclusively to photography. Participants bring their gadgets; cameras, flashes and remote controls. And they learn everything that is important for photography, from technique to creative work. And especially have fun with it. Because that's the only way effective learning works.

Sometimes (*cough*) we also use our flashes. And when we use our flashes, eneloop is almost guaranteed to be a part of it. Our first Klostergeister workshop took place in 2009. And that happened to be exactly the year eneloop introduced their fifth battery generation. Today, we only reluctantly remember the dark times before eneloop. That was a time when rows and rows of empty batteries had to go into the bin. A time when freshly charged batteries had already lost significant charge even after only a short time in the bag. A time we didn’t allow ourselves to forget charging our batteries the night before a shoot.

And then came eneloop. Eneloop was different. A real game changer one could say. The minimal self-discharge quickly convinced us at the time. The uncomplicated handling, even with our own chargers, was just right. And we were always pleased that even after more than a year of non-use, the batteries were always ready for use in our flashes and remote controls. And that is no different today.

Especially during the last few years, when there had to be longer breaks between individual photo assignments, the low self-discharge showed its strengths again and again and brought us a lot of peace in our work. Even under continuous pressure, eneloop batteries have proven their worth. They provide a constant high voltage over long periods of time. Here, too, what used to be a waiting game is suddenly no longer a thing.

The certainty that flashes and triggers are reliable, ready for use in every situation and over a longer period of time ultimately decides whether we as professionals deliver successful assignments to our customers or whether we are not booked a second time. And of course, our photo workshops are no exception. The eneloop rechargeable batteries are used here often and they have not let us down once in all these years. Not even with the convent ghosts.

We are completely sure: the new generation of eneloop batteries will continue with their tried-and-tested formula. With a higher performance and sustanaible packaging.