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eneloop lite

eneloop lite batteries

We use more batteries in our daily lives than we think, in our telephones, remote controls, toys and much more. This brings with it a huge waste mountain of batteries. To respond to this, Panasonic has developed the eneloop lite rechargeable battery. It is an environmentally friendly, rechargeable battery that lasts much longer than standard dry-cell batteries.

eneloop lite, essential in your home

eneloop lite batteries are a valuable item in your daily life. The most important feature of eneloop is that they fit within a sustainable lifestyle. You can recharge the eneloop lite battery up to 3,000 times and this type of battery still retains 70% of its capacity after 5 years of use.

When you buy eneloop batteries, they always come fully charged with solar energy. This means that you can use them immediately. Furthermore, they also last longer than standard alkaline batteries.

The initial cost of eneloop batteries is higher than standard batteries but you quickly recoup this cost when you realise that the batteries lose their charge more slowly than traditional batteries and can be recharged more often. The batteries have a higher voltage than standard batteries and longer keep their charge.

When you choose eneloop, you are choosing the environment. 40 billion dry-cell batteries are discarded every year, which is a gigantic waste mountain. Thanks to the renewable energy, eneloop lite batteries are beneficial to the environment and help to reduce this waste mountain.

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eneloop lite batteries are made using the latest technology and have a stylish, modern design. Choose a sustainable lifestyle and discover the many benefits of eneloop lite batteries. Take a look at our website for details of distributors and online shops.