How to store a battery?

When we buy (rechargeable) batteries, it's mostly with the intention to use them as long as possible. Battery care en battery storage is therefore essential to extend the lifetime of the batteries. But where do you need to store your (rechargeable) batteries when you're not using them?


When storing your batteries, keep in mind the temperature can't be extreme. The recommendation says batteries need to be stored around 15°C. Keep your batteries away from the sun and choose any cool and dry room for the storage. A battery loses charge capacity when temperatures are extreme. Keep in mind that batteries self-discharge when they're in storage. But eneloop rechargeable batteries keep 70% of their capacity even after 10 years of storage.

How long do rechargeable batteries last?

40 billion: that is how many alkaline batteries it has been estimated we threw away worldwide last year. That's a large quantity on which you can easily cut down. An interesting solution are the batteries from eneloop, which combine the best of both worlds, rechargeable and alkaline batteries. The eneloop batteries are not only rechargeable, reusable and recyclable, you can also start using them immediately and they can be stored for a long time without losing energy. Toys, a clock, a shaver, a torch, a remote control, a camera or a wireless mouse: eneloop has a whole range of batteries that are suitable for various different products. But how long do rechargeable batteries last? Read on to find out.

Rechargeable batteries versus alkaline batteries

40 billion alkaline batteries were discarded worldwide last year. There is a solution to this problem - rechargeable batteries. The eneloop batteries combine the best of 2 worlds: rechargeable and ready for use immediately. Read on to learn what the key differences are between rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries.

The batteries in your computer mouse, remote control or games console are dead. Nine times out of ten we head to the nearest store and buy alkaline or disposable batteries without giving it a second thought - why? Because these batteries are cheaper and ready charged. Are alkaline batteries still seen as the best out there, or are they losing some ground to rechargeable batteries? The differences between the two are obvious, perhaps we just need a reminder. Rechargeable versus alkaline batteries: read on for an overview of the key differences.

The best batteries for toys

Game consoles, remote controls for cars, a toy piano, a speaking doll: these are all devices that need batteries. Toys can use up quite a lot of energy, so you will do better by choosing the right (rechargeable) batteries. Which types are best used in which toys? You can read about it here.

What is an eneloop battery?

Rechargeable, environmentally friendly, economically beneficial, ready for use and a large capacity: this is, in short, the description of the eneloop battery. With such an ecological battery, you are firmly choosing an environmentally friendly future for our planet. Below we explain what makes the eneloop battery so special.


Purchasing rechargeable batteries already means than you are choosing a sustainable lifestyle. But using the eneloop battery means you are also choosing a new lifestyle. The rechargeable batteries have been developed on the basis of the sustainability principle. The eneloop battery is preloaded with solar energy and is therefore also immediately ready for use. The eneloop battery from Panasonic puts the emphasis on caring for the society and provides a choice for more clean energy in our society.

Battery care

Remote controls, cameras, electric shavers, wireless keyboards or mice, cordless phones, clocks, torches and toys. If you want to use any of these devices you’ll need one or more batteries. Batteries: they’re everywhere, they come in various different sizes and they’re an essential part of daily life. Since we use so many of them, we want them to be as cheap as possible and it’s because of this that the future lies in rechargeable batteries. eneloop happens to be the largest specialist in rechargeable batteries. Although purchasing your rechargeable batteries is the first step towards saving money, maintaining your batteries is just as important as using them. That is why we have outlined our ultimate battery care tips below.

How can you get the most out of your eneloop batteries? You need to know how to charge them, use them and store them correctly.

Third expedition Under The Pole back on land

After 5 months of exploring the cold waters of the Arctic, the third expedition Under The Pole is back on land. A team of divers and scientists has travelled around the cold waters of the Arctic, diving for science in some of the most hostile and remote places on earth. With this expedition, Under The Pole wants to push the boundaries of exploration. An underwater 'tent' served as basecamp where divers could eat and rest while observing animals and ocean life scenes.

€21 000 to nature reserve thanks to Team Yellow

After trekking 2 100 km through Europe, sleeping for 119 nights under open skies, making 12 'City Stops' and completing 17 challenges and duels, Team Yellow returns home as winner with a cheque of €21 000 for their ecological charity, Čepkeliai-Dzūkija PAN park.

Romas Usavicius and Simona Vidunaite from Lithuania were the ones who reached the finish line in Milan with the highest score. Kasper and Anders from Denmark (Team Purple) received €2 100 for their environmentally friendly organisation Sorex and Michał and Paweł from Poland (Team Red) also went home with €2 100 for their charity Amnesty International.

eneloop expedition 2100: an update

On June 23rd three two-person teams started the adventure of their lifetime in the eneloop expedition 2100. The winning team will be awarded a cheque of € 21.000 that will entirely go to the good cause organisation of their choice. The teams are travelling on foot across Europe to the finish in Milan, each via a different route of approximately 2100 kilometres long. In total, they will have to complete 40 challenges and social media battles during their journey as well as stop at 4 cities. They are equipped with the best outdoor gear and hiking food, but they can always barter rechargeable eneloop batteries for extras. By now, they are halfway through this unique adventure and that means: time for an update!

eneloop expedition 2100 teams

On June 23rd three two person teams will start with the adventure of their lifetime and battle for a place in the eneloop expedition 2100. The teams wille make an expedition by foot through Europe on 3 different routes of 2 100 kilometres. During their walk, they will have to complete 40 tasks and survive with weekly pocket money and a bunch of rechargeable eneloop batteries to use for trading. eneloop has selected the 3 final teams teams, but who are they?

Team Yellow