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Ever been in the middle of a first dance and the batteries in your flash gun have died? - yep - been there! That was until we discovered eneloop pro batteries - they REALLY last!

To have confidence in a rechargeable battery means being able to get on with your job - capturing those amazing memories is what you are there to do - not to be worrying about if your kit is about to fail on you!

Even better is that eneloop pro batteries come fully charged - and they hold 85% of that charge for up to 1 year! No worrying about having recharged your batteries the day before - we suggest having at least two packs on rotation though as you want one set in your bag ready to go and others in your flash unit/s ready to do their job.

eneloop have recently updated their middle capacity, eneloop standard, batteries so they are 2500 mAh (thats a lot!) - meaning they are performing better than other similar rechargables.

The eneloop pros can be charged 500 times - that might be less than a normal rechargeable battery BUT means even if you charged your batteries twice a week, it would take 5 years to reach that many charges!

This means that although the initial price is higher than normal batteries, you are actually saving yourself a great deal of money - so no need to constantly buy new batteries. These bad boys are built to last!

You are also doing your bit for the climate - Panasonic eneloop batteries are sustainable - yep, thats right. eneloop are passionate about being a source of renewable energy - they want to keep batteries out of landfill.

It is proven that if batteries are not correctly disposed of, that they will end up in the rubbish and then in landfills. The cost to the environment and human health when this happens is extremely damaging. As the battery casing corrodes, chemicals leach into the soil and make their way into our water supply. Eventually, devastatingly, they reach the ocean. Also, lithium in batteries reacts in a volatile way when exposed. Lithium can cause landfill fires that can burn underground for years. This releases toxic chemicals into the air, which increases the potential for human exposure. In short - any batteries - rechargeable or not should be recycled correctly. Your local supermarket normally has a bin for used batteries.

To show how dedicated they are about making eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - all Panasonic eneloop packages now made of 100% recyclable cardboard. No more plastic!

The chargers are neat, not huge, we love the SmartPlus charger which is wire free. They have fantastic built in safety features so you don’t need to worry about leaving them lying around - in built functions like OverHeat and Short Circuit protection means you can feel comfortable leaving it plugged in overnight.

As well as the eneloop pro batteries which are great for our photography kit, we love the standard eneloop batteries which are brilliant for use in our wireless keyboards, mouse, trackpads AND everyday family life. We have eneloop batteries in our remotes for the TV, the game consoles and lots of other random toys that get used regularly! We highly recommend having new packs ready for Christmas Day!

We like to keep the eneloop pro batteries for work (strict instructions to family to NOT USE THE BLACK BATTERIES!! Because they always steal them!!) and the standard eneloops (WHITE) for everyday computer & family use.

And guess what - these ones last for 600-1000 hours of gaming (we don’t recommend testing this stat on your teenagers) and can be charged up to 2100 times - happy days!!!