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How long do rechargeable batteries last?

40 billion: that is how many alkaline batteries it has been estimated we threw away worldwide last year. That's a large quantity on which you can easily cut down. An interesting solution are the batteries from eneloop, which combine the best of both worlds, rechargeable and alkaline batteries. The eneloop batteries are not only rechargeable, reusable and recyclable, you can also start using them immediately and they can be stored for a long time without losing energy. Toys, a clock, a shaver, a torch, a remote control, a camera or a wireless mouse: eneloop has a whole range of batteries that are suitable for various different products. But how long do rechargeable batteries last? Let's find out.

Batteries operating time

The cost price of rechargeable batteries is indeed higher to start with than that of the alkaline versions, but you can earn this investment back quickly. An average family normally uses some 70 alkaline batteries per year, and the price of that can escalate quickly too. An eneloop battery will set you back a little more, but this battery can be recharged and discharged up to 2,100 times.

how long do rechargeable batteries last

How long do rechargeable batteries last? Many ready for use rechargeable batteries lose their capacity when not in use. That's why you still will have to charge them before using them. This phenomenon is called self-discharge. This problem doesn't occur with the batteries of eneloop. They retain 90% of their capacity after 1 year, 80% after 3 years, and even after 10 years in storage some 70%. Many other ready for use batteries lose their charge rather quickly. On the other hand, rechargeable ready for use eneloop batteries also last longer than other batteries, because they can maintain their voltage for a long time. Often, appliances will switch off or alert you when the battery is nearly empty. Traditional batteries lose voltage constantly and drop below the critical level at a faster rate when used in energy consuming appliances. The eneloop versions keep their level above 1.1 volt for longer and only drop just before they are empty.

eneloop lite and pro

Different appliances can require a different supply. For appliances that use more energy, such as flash units for digital cameras, wireless keyboards and mice, game consoles, torches, and also remote controls for toys, you are better off choosing the eneloop pro batteries. These can be charged up to 500 times and will still retain 85% of their capacity after 1 year. But there are also appliances that use far less power. Remote controls and DECT phones can run perfectly well on the eneloop lite batteries. These can be charged up to 3,000 times, which is even more environmentally friendly.

eneloop batteries: Environmentally friendly batteries

If saving the environment is important to you, you are better off choosing the rechargeable versions from eneloop. The eneloop rechargeable batteries will let you choose a new lifestyle. By recharging and reusing batteries, you create sustainability and at the same time you are helping our planet. One eneloop battery lasts twice as long as the next competitor on the rechargeable battery market. And because there are so many products, it is important to choose from the three types of eneloop batteries specifically for your products. The eneloop battery is suitable for appliances such as game consoles, a camera, a shaver or a clock.

Now you will know more about how long rechargeable batteries can last. However, we can’t be more specific about the exact lifespan of these rechargeable batteries because it very much depends on different factors such as the appliance in which the batteries are being used, the temperature of the surroundings,...