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eneloop expedition 2100 teams

On June 23rd three two person teams will start with the adventure of their lifetime and battle for a place in the eneloop expedition 2100. The teams wille make an expedition by foot through Europe on 3 different routes of 2 100 kilometres. During their walk, they will have to complete 40 tasks and survive with weekly pocket money and a bunch of rechargeable eneloop batteries to use for trading. eneloop has selected the 3 final teams teams, but who are they?

Team Yellow

Team Yellow consists of Romas Usavicius and Simona Vidunaite from Lithuania. They are both strong believers in a sustainable future in which every person has a mission on this planet earth. Because there is no second earth they think this expedition is a great way to spread this message. Their charity is Čepkeliai-Dzūkija PAN park because it's closest to their hearts. A land als Lithuania with forests wetlands, forested dines, lakes, valuable and rare fauna and flora should be preserved for our next generations. You can support Team Yellow via this link


Team Red

Michał Chowaniec and Paweł Kalisz represent team red. They both love new experiences and adventure and that's why the eneloop expedition 2100 is made for them. A long walk immersed in natural wonder is for the optimistic boys the perfect way to feed their hunger and help at the same time. They chose Amnesty International as charity to support. As Europeans they are convinced investing in education is necessary. Amnesty International protects the basic human rights and helps people to become the best version of themselves. You can support Team Red via this link


Team Purple

Anders Toft Braun and Kasper Toft Braun, two brothers from Denmark, represent team purple during the eneloop expedition 2100. Because Denmark is one of the worlds' top countries in wind energy production, they already learned the importance of taking care for the environment. By participating they want to inspire others to do the same. Sorex is their environmentally friendly organisation because they combine ecological and natural development with small adventures. You can support Team Purple via this link


You can find more info on the website of the eneloop expedition 2100.