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Limited edition timeline

Discover the limited editions of eneloop batteries. The eneloop battery is developed with care for the earth and based on the concept of sustainability. Every year a special edition within this concept is launched. Each limited edition has already won different awards for its product design, package design or cell design. You’ll find an overview of all eneloop editions below.

2019: eneloop limited edition Earth

Developed from the concept of caring for the Earth, eneloop ready to use rechargeable batteries embody the principle of sustainability. Having initially been charged by energy from the sun, eneloop Earth colors capture the beauty of nature in its purest form and offer consumers a new lifestyle choice.

2018: eneloop limited edition Botanic

To care for the Earth. That's what the eneloop rechargeable battery stands for. Every battery comes ready to use, pre-charged with solar energy. It's your new lifestyle choice that breathes the beauty and purity of green urban life.

2017: eneloop limited edition Expedition

The limited edition range, called Expedition, is a range of batteries designed for true adventurers. Powered by energy from the sun, they come in four colors, all with a link to adventure and exploration: Emergency Orange, Dark Grey Metallic, Desert Khaki and Camouflage. Being rechargeable up to 2100 times, they also reinforce eneloop’s principles of Recharge and Reuse.

2016: eneloop limited edition Ocean

The tones ocean package design reflects a “sea glass” concept, with colors reminiscent of waves washing on a beach. This represents a need to preserve the world’s natural beauty by minimizing waste and exploiting sources of renewable energy. Differing shades serve a practical purpose by allowing users to identify charged and non-charged batteries, and each cell ships pre-charged with solar power.

Bronze Package Design Award

Japan Package Design Association

This biennial competition gives package designers an opportunity to have the value of their work assessed by industry experts, who examine design aspects such as quality, innovation, and creativity. Panasonic’s eneloop package design - which distills product concepts of functionality and sustainability into the packaging itself - was highly acclaimed.

2015: eneloop limited edition Organic

eneloop Organic limited edition is a clear link to a new lifestyle choice our customers make. The “organic” range reinforces eneloop’s mission to promote eco-sustainability with long-lasting product life and reusability, and is available in four colors: brown (soil and water), orange (flowers), white (plaster), and green (fresh verdure)—all hues that recall gardens and horticulture. The colors also serve a practical purpose, helping users to distinguish between charged and non-charged cells. Naturally, all batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and are ready to use after purchase.

2014: eneloop limited edition Tropical

The Ni-MH battery rechargeable up to 2100 times. Designed to promote the replacement of dry cell batteries, eneloop tones tropical aims for the sustainable society by making people enjoy the re-usage of batteries with its color design concepted on the great tropical nature. It can keep approx. 70% of energy after 5-year-storage. Its various colors help one distinguish between "charged" and"uncharged". All batteries are charged with solar energy before shipment.

Global Design Awards

The eneloop family of products and their packaging has attracted accolades from the world’s most prestigious instituions, including Germany’s IF Design Awards.

Good Design Award
Good Design Award Gold Prize 2006
Australian International
Australian International Design Awards 2009
Japan Package Design
Japan Package Design Award Gold Prize 2007
DFA: ASIA Design Award
DFA: ASIA Design Award Grand Prize 2010
iF Product Design Award
iF Product Design Award Product Design 2008
Long Life Design
Long Life Design Design Awards 2016