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Why doesn't the appliance work after changing the batteries?

There can be several reasons why the appliance doesn't work. In this case we assume that the appliance is working correctly. 

  • No contact between the battery and the terminal
    The size of rechargeable batteries may differ from those of alkaline batteries. This is why appliances, which are generally designed to match the characteristics of alkaline batteries, could have some difficulty in fitting the batteries in. If this is the case, it is recommended to use an alkaline battery. 
  • One of the batteries is completely discharged 
    In the case that charged and uncharged batteries are used together, it is recommended to determine which ones need charging using a charger.
    When it is clear which battery needs charging, make sure it is charged to appropriate capacity levels. 
  • One of the batteries has degenerated or is completely dead
    It could be that a degraded or dead battery is put in an appliance. In this case, it is recommended to replace all of the batteries with new ones. 
  • Dirt on the terminal
    When the appliance terminal is contaminated or oxidised, it is recommended to clean the terminal with a cleaning cloth. 

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