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How to use a battery properly?

  • Check the manual for your appliance to see if your appliance needs designated batteries

In the event that the manual for the appliance specifically states it needs designated batteries, please do so. Using different batteries may cause the appliance not to work at all or not as long as expected.

  • Insert your batteries correctly keeping the plus and minus pole in mind

In the case of appliances using an odd number of batteries, they will sometimes work even if one of the batteries is set the other way round with regard to the poles.
However, this is very dangerous as it could cause heat generation, leakage, or exploding batteries. For this reason, please make sure the batteries are inserted correctly. 

  • Be cautious about short circuits

Short circuits occur when putting a battery into a metal case or into a pocket/drawer in which metal objects are stored (e.g. necklaces, keys or coins). Once a short circuit occurs, there will be excess current flows which will lead to overheating, leakage, or exploding of the battery. 

  • Always group batteries of the same brand and type

Using batteries with different characteristics such as alkaline, zinc carbon, or Ni-MH together will lead to leakage, exploding batteries and shorter battery service life.
Therefore, it is recommended to group batteries of the same product code with your appliances.

  • Do not mix old and new batteries together

If mixed together, the batteries could start to leak. In addition, when mixed, the new batteries will not be able to perform at their best.

  • Do not damage the surface of the battery

Please note that it is dangerous to use batteries with the outer label peeled off or damaged as this will lead to the batteries short circuiting.
Please make sure the batteries’ labels are not damaged before using the batteries.

  • Always make sure your appliances are turned off after use

Most of the leakage problems are caused by forgetting to turn off appliances after use. 

  • Make sure you remove the batteries if the appliance will not be used in a long time

Keeping a battery inserted in an appliance could cause leakage and damage to the appliance. Therefore, make sure you remove the batteries if an appliances will not be used in a long time.

  • Store your batteries correctly

Make sure you store your batteries at room temperature out of direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity. 

Avoid placing batteries near babies. In the case that a baby or any other person swallows a battery, see a doctor immediately. To avoid this risk, make sure you store your batteries where small children cannot reach them.

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