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How to increase battery life?

  • Leaving empty batteries in the device for a long time without charging them will cause serious damage to the cell electrode (over-discharge) and will shorten the battery life, so avoid doing so.
  • Charge the batteries frequently. In theory, batteries should be recharged when 70% of their capacity has been consumed. This will ensure that there is no possibility of over-discharging the batteries, which is a major cause of cell damage.
  • Do not use batteries at high temperatures as this increases the internal pressure inside the cell, which includes liquid loss and a shorter life span.
  • Group the batteries together. When the batteries are grouped together for a device, eg 4 x AA for a toy, means that the cells will discharge simultaneously. If a battery is removed for use in another device, to operate an LED light and then put back into the toy, this translates into 1 battery out of 4 which has a different power level than the others. Because of this, the cell will deteriorate and discharge more quickly.
  • In order to maximize the performance of rechargeable batteries, it is important to use cells of the same conditions. Use batteries with the same characteristics, such as:
    • same product code
    • batteries purchased together
    • same charging / discharging time
  • The use of rechargeable batteries with different conditions will increase the performance gap between the cells which will lead to unnecessary deterioration of the batteries and their duration. It may be useful to mark the batteries with a permanent marker so that they can be differentiated.
  • Make sure the battery cell terminal and the charger are cleaned frequently. Repeated use of rechargeable batteries will cause (invisible) contamination (such as grease or dust) on batteries and charger, which will affect Panasonic products in terms of performance. Consequently, such dirt could obstruct the charge of the cells together with the reduction of the battery discharge time. For these reasons, Panasonic invites its customers to frequently clean their batteries and their chargers using a cloth.

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How to increase battery life
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