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Can I replace Ni-Cd batteries with Ni-MH batteries?

  1. For appliances without a charging function

Due to their equal nominal voltage level (1.2V) Ni-MH can be used instead of Ni-Cd.
When this is the case, please use a charger for your Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

However, when using appliances which require more than one rechargeable battery, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH cannot be used at the same time due to their differences in discharging characteristics.
In this case, the type and capacity of all batteries must be the same. 

  1. For appliances with a charging function for Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries

Ni-MH cannot be used instead of Ni-Cd, as the Ni-MH will degenerate quickly because it will be charged under the charging conditions for Ni-Cd (which are different to those of the Ni-MH). 

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Ni-MH batteries instead of Ni-CD batteries
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