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Backpack through Europe for the eneloop expedition 2100

eneloop rechargeable batteries, weekly pocket money, outdoor equipment, a drone and a green mind-set: that's everything you need for a backpack adventure through Europe for 120 days. Adventurous ramblers can now sign up for the travel experience of a lifetime. For the eneloop expedition 2100 three two person teams are wanted.

Extra power thanks to eneloop

For each team the adventure will start on foot, with a low ecological footprint, on 23 June 2017 in three different countries (Poland, Denmark or United Kingdom). During the expedition, the teams have to complete different tasks to earn as many points as possible. Reaching the finish in Milan on 20 October 2017 with the highest score is their goal.

With weekly pocket money and a bunch of rechargeable eneloop batteries as means of exchange the teams will try to survive. The eneloop batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and can be recharged up to 2100 times. Living a sustainable lifestye is key for the eneloop expedition.

Help from home and online fans

With help from their home and online fans the teams won't be alone in their adventure. A unique Facebook team page, the general eneloop expedition 2100 website and the eneloop expedition 2100 Facebook page will keep everyone informed with a daily peek behind the scenes. The teams will use these tools to call on others for extra power and skills to complete their challenges.

Each team will choose an environmentally friendly organisation and collect money for it. The charity of the winning team will receive 21.000 euros from eneloop and 2.100 euros will go to the charities of the other two teams. The teams themselves will go home with an adventure they'll never forget, their expedition equipment and great prizes from Panasonic.

Want to participate?

If you're interested in this unforgettable adventure you can register with a team member before 17 April 2017. Are you 18 years old, do you live in Europe and are you free between 23 June and 20 October 2017? Then take your chance! For more information, you can go to www.eneloopexpedition.com or the Facebook page of eneloop expedition 2100.

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