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How to increase battery life?

The wonderful thing about rechargeable batteries is that you actually have hundreds of single-use batteries in one. All you need is a decent charger, a good set of batteries and of course, common sense. We’ve written out a few tips to get you up and running with the basic concepts of rechargeable batteries. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your device, and how to increase battery life.

Grouping batteries

Increasing battery life

Always group your batteries: don’t use different batteries in one device. In short: use batteries of the same type, brand, energy level and if possible, expiry date. If your device needs two or four batteries, add four of the same kind and age. Why? Every battery manufacturer uses their own specific techniques to make batteries. This means that every battery brand and type may be slightly different - and may perform slightly differently, too. Any difference, no matter how small, could interfere with the proper functioning of your device.

Right place, right time

Using a rechargeable battery is pretty straightforward. You put it in the device, use it, replace and recharge it when it’s empty. However, it’s best to avoid letting your batteries’ energy levels drop to an absolute zero. Ideally, you should recharge your battery when about 70% of its capacity is spent. Tip: if you’re not sure about your battery’s energy level, it won’t hurt to recharge it. It’s always better to recharge frequently than to let batteries drain completely. 
 By inserting fresh batteries into your device, you’ll also avoid any imbalance caused by the different energy levels. Why is that an issue? A battery with more energy will try to compensate for the weaker battery. This may eventually lead to a weaker performance - and could cause damage to your batteries. So, if your device needs four AA batteries: always insert four fresh batteries. Don’t mix and match batteries with different energy levels. If you’re not sure, recharge all four before inserting.

A clean and good environment

Never use or store batteries near or in (very) high temperatures. A (rechargeable) battery will work best at room temperature. Luckily, eneloop batteries will still work in extreme conditions, cold or hot - albeit that their lifespan reduces significantly. Lastly, make sure your device is clean. Look for any remaining residue on the terminals and remove it. This will allow better contact between the battery and the terminals. And, of course, maximal use and efficiency - which will increase battery life, too.