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How eneloop battery spacers work

Most rechargeable and disposable batteries used today are AA and AAA. However, a great portion of devices still requires larger sizes: C and D sizes. Common uses of those batteries are toys, large torches and outdoor radios. In order for you to enjoy the power and durability of the eneloop batteries in larger sizes, eneloop provides battery spacers.

Powerful eneloop batteries

When you purchase your new eneloop batteries, they come pre-charged with solar energy. That way, you’ll be able to use them immediately after purchase. After that, you can recharge them many times, depending on the type you pick: the eneloop lite gives you a whopping 3000 recharges, whereas the powerful eneloop pro will provide you with 500 recharges. With the regular eneloop batteries, you’ll be able to recharge them up to 2100 times. However, there is nothing regular about the eneloop battery. Throughout your use, the battery power flow remains constant and powerful up to the very last spark of energy. Those qualities are the same for both your common AA and AAA sizes. Common, because about 85% of all disposable and rechargeable batteries bought today are either AA or AAA.

Why use battery spacers?

Larger sizes

What about the remaining 15%? Some devices, appliances or tools require different sizes of batteries. Toys, large torches, portable outdoor radios and musical instruments often need the larger C or even D sizes. In order for you to be able to enjoy the stable power and long durability of eneloop batteries, you can use battery spacers. That way, you can use regular AA batteries with C or D sizes, depending on your needs.

How to use eneloop battery spacers

With the C spacer, you simply insert the AA battery. For the larger D spacer, you screw open the spacer and insert the battery. Then close the spacer and screw tightly to ensure proper connection to the negative and positive terminal. 
So, using battery spacers is pretty straightforward and both spacers make no changes to the electrical characteristics of the battery itself, so you’re able to enjoy your eneloop batteries to the fullest!