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eneloop AA 1900 mAh new eneloop storage case 4 pieces

eneloop is a long-life, pre-charged, energy and money saving, recyclable rechargeable battery which can be charged and discharged now even up to 2100 times.

Tech Specs
70% after 10 years.

eneloop is a long-life, pre-charged, energy and money saving, recyclable rechargeable battery which can be charged and discharged even up to 2100 times


Ready to use
Rechargeable battery

Usable for

  • Digital cameras

  • Games & toys

  • Beauty and health

  • Daily use

New unique storage case

  • Premium look
  • Recycled PET packaging
  • Usable as storage case


Low self discharge

Even after 10 years of storage, eneloop keeps 70% of capacity.

Low temperature resistant

Even in low (min. -20°) temperatures eneloop can be used without a problem. Ideal for when you go skiing.

Eco benefit

Pre-charged with solar energy, can be used immediately after purchase.

High cycle life

Can be charged up to 2100 times: good for the environment & your wallet.

Discover eneloop: the green battery

Every year, we throw away about 40 billion disposable batteries - an immense addition to landfill sites all over the world. Panasonic provides the answer to that with the green battery range called eneloop. It was specifically designed with the sustainability concept in mind. By choosing eneloop, you’re actively helping reduce the production of such waste. Thanks to smarter design, the batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times - therefore replacing 2100 single-use, disposable batteries! They have a great lifespan, too: after ten years of storage, they maintain up to 70% of their original capacity. Panasonic eneloop batteries are also available in reusable storage cases: handy for when you like to carry around a fresh set of batteries safely.

Eco-friendly batteries for any situation

The improved design also allows for better, more reliable discharge rates when compared to alkaline batteries. During use, you won’t notice any significant drops in power. Next to the regular eneloop battery, you’ll find other types, depending on your usage and specific needs:

  • If you require long-lasting, steady power and frequent charges for devices like DECT phones, eneloop lite provides the perfect solution. The eneloop lite battery can be recharged up to 3000 times: perfect for when you prefer leaving your phone in the charging station.
  • For more demanding sessions, eneloop pro will provide the steady, strong power flow you need. With a minimal capacity of 2500 mAh, the battery is among the longest lasting rechargeable batteries available today.

Find an eneloop dealer

Looking for a green battery? Find more details about our eneloop dealers here. Make a difference today!

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