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eneloop limited edition: Expedition

eneloop Expedition limited edition

Developed with the concept of sustainability and care for the Earth, eneloop embodies the principles of ‘Recharge’ and ‘Reuse’ for realizing Clean Energy Society.

Green batteries for true adventurers

eneloop is Panasonic’s ‘green’ rechargeable battery, now available in a new limited edition Expedition pack. The batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times, last longer than alkaline batteries and perform better at low temperatures (as low as -20°C). Furthermore, they supply energy for longer than traditional Ni-MH batteries. Traditional Ni-MH batteries fail to work once the voltage drops below 1.1 volts, whereas eneloop batteries keep the voltage level over 1,1 volts for a longer time. eneloop uses energy from the sun and envisions sustainable Clean Energy Lifestyle by encouraging repeated use. The eneloop Expedition batteries are perfect for navigation systems, lanterns, torch lights and transceivers.

eneloop tones Expedition: ready to use rechargeable batteries - recharge up to 2100 times