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Third expedition Under The Pole back on land

After 5 months of exploring the cold waters of the Arctic, the third expedition Under The Pole is back on land. A team of divers and scientists has travelled around the cold waters of the Arctic, diving for science in some of the most hostile and remote places on earth. With this expedition, Under The Pole wants to push the boundaries of exploration. An underwater 'tent' served as basecamp where divers could eat and rest while observing animals and ocean life scenes.

Because eneloop cares about the environment, we chose to collaborate with Under The Pole. In the whole expedition, eneloop provides technical support and supplies rechargeable eneloop batteries, eneloop chargers and alkaline batteries. Our eneloop batteries are eco-friendly because they are pre-charged with solar energy and they can be recharged up to 2100 times, which means less waste and less harmful for the environment.

under the pole third expedition

The first part of the expedition may be over, but the whole team is already working to prepare the second chapter of the three year revolutionary journey around the globe. Until 2020 100 crew members are sailing around the world with the WHY polar ship to make a total of 500 dives in order to explore the ecosystems of the Twilight Zone.

Discover here the result of the first 5 months of this epic adventure through the ice of the Northwest passage.

Under The Pole III • Arctic Highlights from Under The Pole on Vimeo.