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Fotopodcast & eneloop

Hi! We are the team

Fotopodcast is the second oldest German podcast themed around everything Photography, and is broadcasted regularly once a month regularly, and additionally on special occasions such as campaigns, workshops, trade fairs or interviews as well. You can hear us live every first Wednesday of the month. Us, that’s Ulrike, Michael, Neufi and Thomas. Our photo and film interests are broad, as are the possibilities of eneloop batteries. We tested the batteries with our flash units, flash triggers, LED lamps, microphones, recording equipment... When we got the question to become a 2022 eneloop Ambassador, the decision was not hard to make, because we have all used eneloop batteries over the years and we are absolutely convinced of the product. Each of us selected their best photos, taken according their speciality, for this eneloop campaign.

Michael (Founding member of shows us Variety and musical theatre photography):

Because of my time as a show dancer, I have always felt a connection to musical theatre and concert photography. The gracefulness of movement, the passion of the play and the sound of voices accompanied by music have always been fascinating to me, and to be allowed to photograph it: that’s my great passion.

Even though I rarely use flash in these situations, I do use them regulary on other occasions. In fact, I took a picture of the Brandenburg Gate for the first time twelve years ago, using eneloop batteries, because my Speedlites batteries were empty, and I urgently needed replacements. A shop assistant recommended me pre-charged batteries, which only minimally lose their charge even in a year's time. He convinced me and kitted out with my new eneloop batteries I could continue taking photos right away.

Until today, eneloop batteries are my faithful companions in almost every professional step I take. Be it in my Speedlite, flash triggers, my directional microphone or my recorder when I am taping a video and/or an interview. There are always several sets of pre-charged eneloop batteries in my backpack, so that I am always well supplied with energy, even at events like weddings. I have trusted the performance and reliability of eneloop for years.

Andreas (Amateur photographer with a focus on architecture, nature, people and product photography, who loves to mix it up.):

Some years ago, during a metro ride in Berlin, I was struck by the different characters of the underground stations. Partly new and trendy, partly elegant, almost like a cathedral, or with a 70s charm – everything was there. This was so fascinating to me, that I devised the idea to make them into a photography project. Adding to the excitement of the architecture were the different atmospheric images ranging from quiet and mystical to loud and hectic. I also try to convey this mood in the images of the project.

I use eneloop batteries in other areas of photography. From compact flashes and their corresponding radio triggers in portrait and product photography, over my Zoom H6 recorder, to the corresponding microphones for mobile podcast use, and in flashlights and headlamps respectively as well.

For me, the deciding factor to rely on eneloop batteries is that they keep their charge over a long period of time. Who hasn’t had this issue: you want to use a set of batteries and then notice that they are almost empty again even though they were charged recently. Eneloop batteries are simply better.

Thomas (Professional photographer, specialised in 360° photography.):

In my area of expertise, the use of conventional batteries is limited, I have to admit. They are not used in cameras and I rarely use additional equipment like flashes, e.a. But in certain situations, when I need to use system flashes and remote controls, I cannot do without my eneloop batteries. When I host workshops on the subject of using flash equipment, I always carry a whole range of flashes and remote-control flash triggers for my participants. Recently I gave a workshop on this subject, and I had about 10 flash units and at least as many remote controls and receivers with me, obviously equipped with my eneloop batteries.

I just love the fact that I can just leave my batteries in my replacement appliances, without a second thought and even when they are not used for a longer period of time. There is no danger of them leaking and damaging my equipment. They are always ready for use, and there is no noticeable discharge over time.

Ulrike (Is passionate about industrious hands: in music, crafts and everyday life.):

Through photographing concerts and musicians, observing their skilful hands, I discovered the fascination and expressiveness of hands and began capturing them. I find the workshops of craftspeople enormously inspiring and interesting, especially those of dying, rare trades like a shingle maker. In this series I can learn so much about techniques, specific tools, meet exciting people and value their work through my images. In those workshops, the lighting situation is sometimes realy dim; that’s why I always carry some smaller LED lamps (powered by eneloop batteries), to bring at least a little bit of light to the scene if necessay. I also use the eneloop batteries in my flash unit. I have decided to use eneloop batteries because I saw my husband – an ornithologist and bird ringer– constantly struggling with the batteries of his spotting scope camera. Very annoying when you’ve finally framed your subject – a painstakingly discovered bird – and then you can’t release the shutter because your batteries have run out again.

I want to use batteries that I can trust, that charge efficiently, perform well and have a long life so they are really sustainable. My eneloop pro batteries have fulfilled all these requirements and have not let me down yet.