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eneloop supports endangered species with ambassadors’ tour

eneloop has revealed the charity to which it will make out a cheque of up to €21,000 in the eneloop ambassadors’ tour: Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA). The German charity, which is dedicated to conserving and protecting endangered plant and animal species, has announced to be sharing the donation amount with the Cheetah Conservation Fund to make every euro count. 462 adventurous duos signed up for the “green” relay race. The ambassadors will be selected by 20 May.

After the runaway success of the eneloop expedition 2100, a follow-up competition will be organised to continue to promote sustainability through our eco-friendly eneloop range. By 22 May, we’ll select the twelve teams who will be travelling Europe as ambassadors of the eneloop brand, inspiring the next generation. The competition will be held in aid of the Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA), which collaborates with the Cheetah Conservation Fund to raise more environmental awareness and assist international cheetah conservation projects.

eneloop ambassadors’ tour: the competition

In the eneloop ambassadors’ tour, twelve two-person teams will cross through thirteen locations during twelve weeks to eventually battle for the grand prize online. They will each have to take into account three things:

  • Travel with an eneloop battery through Europe using “green” methods only
  • Complete three recurring challenges
  • Raise likes on the eneloop ambassadors’ tour Facebook page 

Only the teams that manage to successfully complete the challenges will be invited to upload a team video to the eneloop website and take part in the grand finale. The ambassadors with the most votes win a travel escape for two as well a ticket to an exclusive event in Berlin, where they will hand a cheque of up to €21,000 to AGA on behalf of eneloop. The exact donation amount depends on the total count of page likes (1 like = 1 euro) on the eneloop ambassadors’ tour Facebook page when the twelfth and last team reaches the final handover point on 14 September

eneloop charity

About Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA)

Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. (Action Campaign for Endangered Species) is working for the conservation of endangered plant and animal species and their habitats since 1986. AGA operates internationally to protect and preserve nature, to raise environmental awareness and to prevent the destruction of the livelihood of humans, animals and plants.

Would you like to lend wildlife a helping hand? Donate your “Like” on the eneloop ambassadors’ tour Facebook page. Find out more on the green relay race at