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eneloop batteries reviews

Have you ever used an eneloop battery? Next to a superior design, the eneloop batteries are made of advanced materials, are pre-charged with solar energy, have been through an improved quality control and can be recharged up to 2100 times. Lots of benefits... But how do eneloop users think about these batteries? Luckily, there are already consumers who have written reviews about their own experiences with eneloop batteries. Below we have listed some of our favourite eneloop batteries reviews.

Trust the tests

Our first review comes from the Belgian journalist Schildermans Jozef on DiskIdee, a Belgian based website full of objective articles, research and background stories about technology. Just like Wilson, he has written a thorough study of our eneloop batteries.

Reviews on DiskIdee are always tested by independent journalists with an unbiased opinion. Schildermans has done different tests with different measurements and this is his conclusion: “Our tests have proven that the eneloop batteries not only perform really well, they retain their charge even in low temperatures.”

A breath of fresh air

The second review comes from RoundReviews, which is written by UK based blogger Wilson Marcus. He posts news and reviews about all the trending and hot technological innovations. And luckily for us, he wrote an in-depth review about our eneloop batteries.

He calls the eneloop batteries a breath of fresh air in the battery world. He has compared our eneloop batteries with other batteries and this is his verdict after a profound analysis: “They hold their charge for longer, while keeping the output voltage constant, meaning whatever device you’re using them with, will deliver maximum performance 24/7. We also tested the Smart & Quick charger which managed to recharge four AA 2,000mAh batteries in + just under 4 hours – A huge improvement compared to the 7+ hours it took to charge four AAs with our previous Energizer unit. I’m very impressed with the 4th generation eneloop batteries and would recommend you check them out.”

eneloop batteries review

What do you think about the eneloop batteries? Reviews are of course the opinion of others, so why don’t you try them for yourself?