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[RE]CHARGE Journey Raises 21,000 Euros for Environmental Conservation

10 December 2019, Zellik – Three teams have succesfully completed a four-week photography trip across Europe powered by Panasonic, HippocketWifi and the World Green Car of the year, the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE. The [RE]Charge Journey raised funds for three NGOs that support environmental conservation.

The [RE]CHARGE Journey started in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 4th when three duos set off on an action-packed tour across Europe. They would raise awareness about sustainability and environmental protection by capturing breathtaking views of nature, using eco-friendly equipment provided by Panasonic and Jaguar.

Nature Takes Centre Stage

The teams, each representing a non-governmental organisation (NGO), took stunning pictures of nature while travelling in the I-PACE, Jaguar’s all-electric SUV. Team Turtle (Claudiu and Raul from Romania and the UK), Team Leopard (Katrina and Meelis from Estonia) and Team Zebra (Dan and Josh from the UK) each had different driving routes and showcased a variety of landscapes and wildlife to their supporters. The teams raised money for Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (Action Campaign for Endangered Species), the Rainforest Trust and the African Conservation Foundation respectively. 

Supporting A Greater Cause

The [RE]CHARGE Journey included an online campaign, with members of the public being encouraged to ‘like’ their favourite photos. The more ‘likes’ a team would get, the more funds would go to their associated NGO. Panasonic eneloop and Jaguar supported the journey as a great way to contribute to meaningful environmental projects all over the world, whilst also sharing their latest sustainable innovations.

The campaign has raised €21,000. AGA Artenschutz, which was represented by Team Turtle, will get the majority of the funds. Team Turtle received 98,683 likes for their inspiring photographic journey.

Community Engagement

The ‘likes’ from the online community were one way to help raise funds for the three participating NGOs. A second element of community engagement occurred after the trip, with members of the public being encouraged to take and share nature photos of their own. They were asked to post the photos on their personal Instagram accounts, tagging their favourite team and the [RE]CHARGE Journey. Each photo earned the tagged team additional points, raising even more funds for the NGOs. 

From 29th November to 31st December 2019 a third Community Phase will take place. Instagram users are challenged to post their best nature photo and tag @eneloopjourney. 700 users who share their picture early enter a competition to win energising gifts. As a first prize Panasonic offers a Lumix kit with a DC-G90HEG-K camera, SD memory card and battery grip. The next 20 winners get eneloop smart & quick chargers CC55 with four eneloop pro batteries. 

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

This fun and exciting campaign to raise awareness aligns with Panasonic’s brand philosophy ‘A Better Life, a Better World’. Panasonic, Jaguar and HippocketWifi are continuously developing environmentally friendly solutions to help raise sustainability awareness. 

To encourage the use of rechargeable batteries for travel, on trips like the [RE]CHARGE Journey, eneloop Panasonic recently launched a new CC87 USB charger that is compact, light and reliable. It can charge up to four batteries at once, with a charging time of 2.25 hours per two AA-sized batteries, and also functions as an emergency power supply.

The Jaguar I-PACE has received a lot of positive accolades this year, including the 2019 World Green Car award. The all-electric, performance SUV is powered by two electric motors and produces no harmful emissions.

HippocketWifi offers pocket wifi rental for travelers visiting Europe. They can rent a mobile hotspot and get a high-speed unlimited internet connection anywhere in the continent. Perfect for sharing your stunning images and inspiring messages on social media!

For more information about the journey, please visit the [RE]CHARGE Journey website.