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The smartest batteries for smart devices

Smart devices can greatly simplify your everyday life. However, using the wrong type of batteries could mean you’re not using your device to its full potential. Discover how you can get the most out of your device with eneloop - and unlock the true power of batteries for smart devices.

Rechargeable and unbeatable

Smart devices require a lot of energy. To meet that high demand, you will need the right batteries for your device. Purchasing new batteries over and over is an obvious no-no. You’ll need proper rechargeable batteries to use your smart device more efficiently.

Why? Not only are they cheaper on the long run, they also perform much better. Other than regular alkaline batteries, eneloop rechargeable batteries maintain their high power current throughout use. And that means you’ll be able to enjoy your smart device much longer.

Rechargeable batteries are much better for the environment, too. Instead of disposing 2100 alkaline batteries, you only ‘dispose’ of one. Also, if you dispose of them the right way, i.e. at recycling points, we’ll be able to recycle up to 95% of the materials. That way, only a fraction of the old batteries ends up on a landfill.

eneloop pro rechargable batteries: last about twice as long

eneloop batteries can be recharged numerous times - up to 2100! Using a proper charger, you can save a significant amount of money compared to when you’re just using disposable batteries. As you can see, batteries for smart devices certainly don’t have to be expensive. Additionally, recharging at home using a decent battery charger saves a lot of transportation costs - reducing your carbon footprint even more. It also saves you a few trips to the supermarket!

The smartest batteries for smart devices? According to Nuki, the company behind the Nuki Smart Lock, eneloop pro rechargeable batteries are the right choice for their devices, because “these batteries last about twice as long as alkaline batteries.” Choosing rechargeable batteries is simply a better choice for your enjoyment, your wallet and the environment.