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eneloop AAA 800 mAh plastic free pack 8 pieces

eneloop je trvanlivá, předem nabitá, recyklovatelná dobíjecí baterie šetřící energii a peníze, která se může až 2100krát vybít a opět nabít.

Tech Specs
70% after 10 years

eneloop is a long-life, pre-charged, energy and money saving, recyclable rechargeable battery which can be charged and discharged even up to 2100 times


Ready to use
Rechargeable battery

Usable for

  • Digital cameras

  • Games & toys

  • Beauty and health

  • Daily use

  • DECT phones


Low self discharge

Even after 10 years of storage, eneloop keeps 70% of capacity.

Low temperature resistant

Even in low (min. -20°) temperatures eneloop can be used without a problem. Ideal for when you go skiing.

Eco benefit

Pre-charged with solar energy, can be used immediately after purchase.

High cycle life

Can be charged up to 2100 times: good for the environment & your wallet.

Stable voltage

An eneloop battery lasts much longer than an alkaline battery..

No memory effect

Even when the batteries are not fully charged/discharged, eneloop can be charged again without loss of performance.

Ideal for all appliances

eneloop batteries are suitable for almost all appliances. From toys and photo flashes to DECT-phones and torches.

Over 95% satisfaction

eneloop rechargeable batteries are produced in Japan and sold in over 80 countries, with over 95% of customer satisfaction.

eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries

Batteries are essential to everyday life. We use them in various ways throughout the day: when we’re watching television, in the toys our kids play with and in our alarm clocks while we sleep. But every year, we waste about 40 billion batteries. In order to counter this, choosing rechargeable over single-use is a significant improvement. One eneloop battery can be recharged and reused up to 2100 times. Picking rechargeables will save the required resources, it will mean less pollution due to transportation and you’ll save a serious amount of money on the long run. So while the initial purchase of eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries may be more expensive, you should see it as an investment for your wallet and for the environment.

The battery that fits in anywhere

Need a reliable battery for your device? Panasonic eneloop may be what you’re looking for. Thanks to the latest modern technology, the battery remains strong throughout use - no gradual loss of power as your batteries lose power. Additionally, the battery will keep 70% of its original capacity after 10 years of storage. The eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries have a capacity of 750 mAh, making them a good choice for any everyday device you may have. From gaming controllers and TV remotes to compact cameras and torches: eneloop fits in anywhere.

Find eneloop dealers

All eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries come pre-charged with solar energy - ready to use green energy from day one. If you need power for more demanding, high-drain devices, eneloop pro is your way to go. However, if you’re looking for steady energy for lighter devices like DECT phones and TV remotes, eneloop lite is the ideal choice. Interested? Find an eneloop dealer in your area or online here. 

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